December 1, 2022

Jarrell Properties, Inc. (JPI) is proud to announce their Platinum Sponsorship for Stafford County’s 2nd Annual Tree Lighting Festival, held at the Stafford County Courthouse and Administration Complex, on Friday, December 2nd

Last December, Stafford County’s tree lighting program was an overwhelming success with families. This year, several improvements are necessary to ensure the most wonderful holiday experience possible.  The front of the Courthouse was no longer considered a suitable, safe space; and the County could no longer take advantage of the iconic evergreen tree that served as the program’s centerpiece.

The tree lighting program is being moved to the parking area in the interior of the Courthouse and the County Administration Complex.  The additional space will be welcomed by the attendees, the musical entertainment and the many vendors, who will be offering free horse-drawn carriage rides, holiday musical performances, children’s winter crafts, artisans and crafters, family-friendly activities, graham cracker house contest, food vendors, and Santa.

“After all we’ve been through the past few years, the tree lighting event is a beautiful opportunity to come together and just be at peace with one another during a special time of year. I’m hoping this becomes a long, cherished tradition in Stafford County.” Monica Gary, Stafford County Supervisor – Aquia.

The new location carries an increase in set up expenses and requires a new centerpiece tree for the lighting, which will reportedly be standing over 65-feet tall.  It should be expected that this grand tree will provide a spectacular tree lighting ceremony.  The County is grateful to local private businesses, who assisted in covering the additional costs for this year’s Festival.  JPI is honored to join the Silver Companies, Atlantic Builders, Lifecare Medical Transports, the Hornung Family, and Stafford Printing, as sponsors of this exciting community event.

“On behalf of the Board I would like to thank JPI properties and all of the very generous donors for all of their support in helping us with this wonderful event to bring our community together to celebrate the holidays. I look forward to this becoming a tradition and we couldn’t have done it without our community partners.” Crystal Vanuch, Chairperson of the Stafford Board of Supervisors – Rock Hill.   Supervisor Gary added, “We are able to do it well due in part to the generosity of Jarrell Properties and our other sponsors. Thank you for partnering with us to make it a success.”

JPI is particularly interested in transforming this area of the County into a regional destination for ‘what is happening’ in Stafford County.  As developer of the significant Courthouse project, ‘Fountain Park’, the goal is to create an environment that delivers positive economic, social and cultural impacts for the community.

“Choosing to financially support the County’s holiday festivities was an easy decision, a natural fit for the gathering place we look forward to promoting in the Courthouse area and for Stafford County residents,” Jeh Hicks, JPI – Director of Community Relations, on JPI’s contribution to the 2nd Annual Tree Lighting Festival.

For more information regarding Jarrell Properties, Inc. or our Courthouse area project, Fountain Park, please contact Jeh Hicks, Director of Community Relations, Jarrell Properties Inc., at 540-899-3825 or