A 57-acre property where the Pelham’s East residential subdivision is planned in Spotsylvania sold last month for $1.5 million, according to county property records. Pelham’s East LLC, whose operating manager is Jay Jarrell, bought the land from the estate of Joseph Wilton Greene Sr.

The neighborhood would be accessed from Jim Morris Road and connect with the Pelham’s Crossing subdivision through a stub street that ends at the current property line. The Spotsylvania Planning Commission last month approved a preliminary plat for 57 housing lots on the land. The developers have not yet submitted a site construction plan to the county’s planning department.

Jarrell said his team is working on the construction plans and has discussed the project with a number of builders who have expressed interest.  But he said they have no immediate plans to start construction and plan to wait until the market improves. The project is near the planned Virginia Railway Express station.


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